Airport & Township


Forrest was established as a railway town in 1917 as part of the Trans-Continental Railway. The airport was developed for Sir Norman Brearley’s West Australian Airways in 1929 when the contract was won to take the royal mail, freight and passengers from Perth-Adelaide-Perth. US Military and RAAF were based at Forrest during WW11. Since 1994 Forrest Airport has been privately owned by Fayburn Pty Ltd. The airport still provides an important link for the Defence Force and light aircraft traveling across the Nullarbor. Pilots and passengers can refuel and enjoy a comfort stop, with outback hospitality. The historic hangar is available to protect planes from the elements for those staying overnight. Forrest is the only remaining township along the trans-line where travelers can get accommodation and meals, camp and purchase fuel.

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The township consists of 6 cottages once used by DCA staff and personnel operating the Bureau of Meteorology weather station. The managers live on site, with other cottages providing self contained accommodation. Camping areas are provided under shady trees and also at the old Met Office where bathroom, kitchen and Museum are located.

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